• Never Run Out of High Quality Social Media Content

  • Bri: Hi guys. Last week we showed you how to become content scheduling ninjas, but you can’t schedule content if you don’t have content to schedule.

    Ang: So today we’re going to show you our four favorite sites for finding high quality content for all of our social media.

    Bri: It’s easy to get stuck in a content rut when you’re trying to schedule and plan out social media posts, but these sites will give you tons of inspiration and content.

    Ang: And when we use these sites to find articles for social media we always compare them to our quality content checklist.

    Bri: 1. Does it align with our core values and mission statement?

    Ang: 2. Is it something our audience may want to share?

    Bri: 3. Does it have valuable content our audience can use right awaY?

    Ang: 4. Is it engaging and entertaining?

    Bri: 5. Does it make you feel something?

    Ang: 6. Does it fit into our monthly theme?

    Bri: We’ll have a link to our checklist in the description below, so head down there if you want to download it and use it when you’re scheduling content.


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    Bri: Now let’s jump into the first sight.

    Ang: Our most favorite site is Paper.li. And the reason why we love Paper.li is because we can put in one keyword and it will create a daily newspaper for that keyword. It’s a free site, doesn’t cost you anything, that’s always wonderful.


    So, the way that it works is you would create a paper right here and you would put in whatever news you’re interested in. So, let’s say beauty. It’ll pop up some different things. I’m just going to go straight with beauty. And then you’re going to choose your layout and I like the modern layout, this one I don’t care for. So, it’s going to create my paper. And once this paper is created you will see every day, it says the Beauty Daily, you will have new articles that are available to you. And it’s awesome. So, it just pulls from the internet all these articles that you can use every day.

    Ang: So, I have different newspapers set up for our different types of clients that we have. We have physical therapy newspaper, so we have all kinds of articles on physical therapy for the day. This one in particular just stood out to me, How to Make Your Shoulders Move Pain Free Again. We also have … back to newsstand.

    We have Social Media Marketing, we have Agriculture Daily. So, you can set these up if you are a fitness business, you can set up one for exercise, you could set one up just for fitness itself. So, again, these are all free and every day you’ll have new articles to pick from right here on this site. So, definitely our favorite.

    Now I also want to show you the currently buzzing. These are all of the highly engaging articles right now that everybody is talking about. So, if you want some highly engaged content this is where you would go. Of course, you want to check this against your content checklist to make sure that this fits your values, but this is some great content that you can get every day, that is relevant right now.

    Ang: The next one of our favorites is Flipboard and Flipboard is a lot like Paper.li because you can set up boards based on your keywords or your key subject matter. So, here I have one set up for social media marketing, one for pain, one for agriculture, agribusiness, physiotherapy, fitness.


    It asks you what is your passion and then you can pick from these categories and it will throw together articles that are relevant to your passion. And so, you can just grab all kinds of articles from here and it’s just so nice. So, Flipboard is a great site because it’s also free and you can get great content based on your specific keywords.

    Bri: Okay, so another great site we love is Content Gems and on this website, you can create what’s called interests. And in your interests, you can go ahead name it here, let’s say we want a physical therapy interest. And it can contain any physical therapy, it can contain chronic pain, pain management and we’ll just use those for now. And then you can choose here, must not contain anything that you just want to exclude here. And then you can go ahead and create your interests.

    Content Gems

    So, it’s curated your physical therapy interest. So, all of these are articles from other websites. You can scroll through here and you can choose a website. So, let’s say you want to look at this one and there you go. It’ll show you the article. That interest will update periodically. You can choose how often you want it to update, so you’ll always have some new content in there.

    Bri: So our last website here is one that I’m sure you have all heard of, it’s Buzzfeed. And Buzzfeed just puts out as much content as possible. So, there’s all kinds of things here that you can use. They have a news section here. They have videos you can use. They have all kinds of quizzes and they also have Tasty.


    You can choose by category if there’s something you’re particularly interested in. So let’s chose here, health. So now you can see it’ll come up with all of these different articles. And there’s tons of new articles always going out here, you can see 35 minutes ago, 26 minutes ago, seven hours ago.

    There’s always tons and tons of new content on here. And you can just do a search for anything you’re looking for. Let’s search here for marketing. And then you can see here steps to successfully coordinating a show, online conversion rate. All kinds of things and it’s always being updated.

    Bri: So there’s four awesome tools you can use so you never run out of content and inspiration.

    Ang: And don’t forget to check down in the description for your link to our free quality content checklist.

    Bri: Thanks for watching guys. Let us know in the comments what websites you use to find content and be sure to hit the subscribe button so that you know when our next show goes live.

    Ang: Until next week.

    Together: Stay awesome.