OUR EXPERTISE: We help small business owners communicate their brand through social media. This ultimately allows them more free time to work “on” their business and to pursue personal passions. Some of the benefits to using a social media manager are: 

    Up to Date: Social media changes daily and as your dedicated social media manager we stay in the know so your following is not affected. 

    Dedication: We're sure you’ve heard that you need to be everywhere on social media, but we are dedicated to finding where your ideal customer hangs out to ensure your efforts are spent in the right places. 

    Outside the Box Perspective: Part of social media management is creating meaningful and impactful messaging. It’s important to plan this out weeks and even months in advance. Having a team that is independent from your business gives fresh eyes and a different perspective. 

    More Bang For Your Buck: Hiring a single employee to manage your social media comes with many hidden costs, such as training, benefits, and company perks. Hiring a social media manager is more cost effective, gives you access to a social media management team that is constantly learning, and a social media strategy that is always being updated to suit the constantly changing landscape of social media. 

    Experience: There is currently a dizzying array of tools and software designed for simply managing day-to-day social media activities and monitoring. A social media management company will be well versed in the available tools and be able to custom-tailor a selection that fits your businesses goals. 

    HOW WE DO THIS: The small business owner wears many hats and social media usually takes a back seat even though they know it is an important part of their marketing strategy. Through our social media management services, we take the stress of content creation, daily postings and product promotions out of your hands so you can focus on other business operations.
  • Social Impressions Media is a mother/daughter team and we’re all about building amazing relationships with your audience. We started this agency because we were tired of seeing cookie cutter programs offered to small business owners. Consumers are tired of seeing the same ole’ thing. They want to KNOW you and your business or church community.
    You will see us share our personality in our social media. We want to interact with you and teach you how to connect with others.
    We’re on a mission to help you
    build better relationships on social media!