Ever look at your Facebook Insights and wonder what all those numbers and percentages mean?

 Grab this spreadsheet and learn how to track the metrics that matter.

Facebook is actually giving you all the information you need to successfully grow your social media presence. 

With this spreadsheet you can track:

  • The health of your Facebook Business Page.
  • Learn your average reach. 
  • What type of posts your audience likes best.
  • Arrow Circle Right
    Determine the BEST TIME to post your content.

Stop guessing and start learning about your Facebook fans and what they LOVE about your Business Page.

Link to free analytics spreadsheet

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Are you struggling to tell your story? Are you unable to stay consistent with your message on social media? 

Social Impressions Media is a mother/daughter team and we're all about building amazing relationships with your audience. We started this agency because we were tired of seeing of seeing cookie cutter programs offered to small business owners. Consumers are tired of seeing the same ole' thing. We want to KNOW you and your business.

You will see us share our personality in our social media. We want to interact with you and teach you how to connect with others.

We’re on a mission to help you build better relationships on social media!

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