Are you a Small Business Owner and wondering where your new clients will come from? 

Struggling with marketing?

Does This Sound Familiar to You? 

  • HAVE TROUBLE creating relevant and share-worthy content?
  • LACK TIME to create a Digital Marketing Strategy that converts prospects to customers?
  • NEED BETTER RESULTS from your Facebook Ads?
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     Constant Social Media Changes got you FRUSTRATED?

We Understand Your Frustration!

Let us help you create an effective marketing strategy that increases ROI and decreases your stress level.

We can manage some or ALL of your marketing. 

Grow your online presence without ever opening a laptop.


As a business owner, you don’t have time to log in and out of Facebook all day – you have clients to work with.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t secure a social media presence that will win you the affection and attention of potential new customers. 

That's where our services come into the picture. 

The Power of Social Media


There are 3.196 billion social media users as of this month, equaling 42% of the global population. It’s hard to argue that the most cost effective way to reach a wide audience, in the shortest amount of time, is through social media. 

And, if that didn’t convince you, consider the following mind-blowing stats that are only going to increase:

  • 95% of adults aged 18 through 34 follow brands and businesses through social media
  • 71% of consumers who enjoy a service or experience are likely to recommend that service to friends and family through social media
  • In 2016, Facebook influenced 54.74% of consumers’ online and offline purchases, 52% in 2015 and will continue to increase over time.

We're leveraging the power of content marketing for your Small Business.

We also know there aren't enough hours in the day to cover everything, which is why we are providing: 

  • Blog articles
  • Social media posts
  • Newsletters
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    Social Media Management
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    Facebook Advertising

What is Your Time Worth to You?


Your customers might think you’re a super-human, and that’s the way we want it to be. Understanding that every business owner is unique and requires custom tailored support to be totally effective, we’ve created a three-tiered digital marketing management system for you to consider.

Anna Dornier

Owner of Transform FX Fitness

"All I can say is, "Wow"! I knew Angela had what it takes to implement my very complicated Infusionsoft campaigns but what I didn't expect was the speed and accuracy at which she gets my projects done. Working with Angela has been such a breeze and when she says she is my secret weapon, that statement is so true! I'm so glad I found her and I would highly recommend her to other businesses that need to delegate such a high-level skill to Angela."

Dr. Nate Kloosterman

Owner of Physiopoint Therapy

"Angela Ramos has been able to leverage her skills to assists our physical therapy practice in creating accurate messaging that reflects who we are and delivers it to our current and potential clients in a way that is eye pleasing and informative. We really enjoy working with her and her team!"

Jenny May Clermont

Owner of Fitness  Together, Latham, NY

"So incredibly helpful!! That's the first time in forever I had a campaign built out in its entirety for a challenge. Feels good and wouldn't of happened without you! Thanks a TON!"

Calvin Richard

Owner of Verus Strength and Fitness

As a business owner, it took me way too long to learn a very important principle that is necessary for true business growth: delegation and outsourcing. I struggled as a solopreneur studio owner for the first 7 years of my business wearing every single hat needed. I finally wised up and hired coaches. The next big step was outsourcing the stuff that I either suck at or loathe doing. It just so happens that Ang and Bri from Social Impressions are masters at what I am not. They have saved me so much time and energy building out my email systems, landing pages, form creation, API connections and so much more. I wish we met sooner. I highly recommend Social Impressions for their excellent work, integrity, speed of delivery and staying on the cutting edge of industry trends. Thanks Ang and Bri.

Monthly Digital Marketing Services

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More Info About the Social Gals...

Are you struggling to tell your story? Are you unable to stay consistent with your message on social media? 

Social Impressions Media is a mother/daughter team and we're all about building amazing relationships with your audience. We started this agency because we were tired of seeing of seeing cookie cutter programs offered to small business owners. Consumers are tired of seeing the same ole' thing. We want to KNOW you and your business.

You will see us share our personality in our social media. We want to interact with you and teach you how to connect with others.

We’re on a mission to help you build better relationships on social media!

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